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DM Stith
Thanksgiving Moon (live at The Black Harbor)
Heavy Ghost, 2009

For me, Heavy Ghost will always sound like exploring Krakow in 2009. The final movement of ‘GMS’, ‘Braid of Voices’ and ‘Wig’ was on repeat as we stood in the rain, hypnotised by the courtyard of Wawel Castle, taking photos of each other under the eaves. ‘Braid of Voices’ in particular, is just incredible - elegant, creepy, enormous. This is a lovely rendition of another song from that record, one made slightly sunnier and brighter, with just the right amount of accompaniment. 

Watch: “Into the Arctic” Filmmakers Greg and Shaun MacGillivray on “DocTalk”


The latest from IMAX legend Greg MacGillivray opened in museums and theaters this week. Titled To the Arctic, this large format 3D documentary looks to be another spectacular treat from the guy who gave us such widely seen films as To Fly! and Oscar nominees The Living Sea and Dolphins.

This time MacGillivray is working again with The Living Sea narrator Meryl Streep and collaborating with his son, Shaun MacGillivray, who was previously a producer on his dad’s 2008 film Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk. Documentary Channel got to talk with father and son for an episode of DocTalk, and you can now watch their segment in the video above.

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Just an ordinary day in phony equivalence for the professional newswriters among us.

Reminder: You are scheduled to have your goal posts moved (again!) next Wednesday.

This New York Times story is nothing special. That’s why I picked it. It tells us that the two sides are dug in on budget negotiations and have become equally intransigent, making a deal harder to imagine. “The two parties harden their position on spending and taxes.” The rest of the account has that fake symmetry we have come to expect from Washington journalists.

Let’s recap. The Republicans have dug in. They’re intransigent. They say no tax increases… no matter what!

The Democrats are dug in too. Equally intransigent. They say no spending cuts… no matter what!

That’s Washington for you.

Hold on, a producer is talking in my ear…. [Dead air for eight seconds.]

Ladies and gentleman, a slight correction to what I said earlier.

Republicans are saying: no new taxes, no matter what. (Whew.) 

But Democrats are actually saying: we’ll agree to cut spending if taxes are raised on the wealthiest Americans.

So they are equally dug in; we were right about that. But there is, uh… no real symmetry in the positions they are dug in about. We should have made that clear. We regret moving the goal posts on you. Without your permission. 

(Hat tip, Harris Meyer.)

Accounting for Sustainability: A Charge to Professionals and Students


Guidance on reporting for students and sustainability professionals.

By Martha Woodman, MBA

I’ve got a simple formula for you: sustainable business practices + reporting = continued improvement and growth = better business and a better world.

How do I know? For more than 20 years I taught college students about accounting. That changed in 2001, under the guidance of an inspirational colleague. Now, I’m excited to teach students not only about accounting, but about how accounting plays a key role in analyzing business’s effect on the environment. It’s an exciting time to be in the numbers world.

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